Make Your Business A Success With Commercify

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "boosting business"In this modern world, most of the people prefer online shopping rather than traditional shopping and this is why many businesses have started their online store on the internet. Some of them are making tons of money whereas some of them are struggling with their online business. Commercify is an online training program that is founded by Ricky Mataka and Nishant Bhardwaj. Both of them are internet marketing experts and have huge knowledge as well as experience in this industry. Both the experts have teamed together and designed this program which will provide help and training to those people who are struggling with their online business.


This program provides you with many features. Some of the features are highlighted below.

  • This training program will help you in creating a list of products that you want to sell over the internet. Both experts will help you in creating the list of the products which are to be sold.
  • After creating the list, the product needs to be targeted on the facebook. The experts will help you with the targeting of the product. Each product needs to be targeted on specific audience.
  • The experts will create high quality interactive images for your product in order to attract the customers. It is true that images do tell a thousand words. So, it is important that good quality photos are being used at the same time.
  • The program will help you in tracking all the hot selling items so that you may know what is trending in the market these days.
  • Both the experts will help you in creating attractive facebook advertisement designs that you can post on facebook to attract a huge amount of traffic towards your website. These advertisements will be used for promotion work over facebook.

Adobe Dreamweaver Or Word Press: Which One You Will Need?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "wordpress vs dreamweaver"Nowadays, creating a website is simple, thanks to Word Press, but it isn’t ideal. It is mandatory you consider your needs before starting with designing the website. A good thing is a fact web design Jakarta can assist you with that. Both, Word Press and Adobe Dreamweaver have pros and cons and choosing the right platform is essential to the great and fully-functional website.

Word Press advantages

Word Press is ideal if you are looking to create a company web site. It is affordable at web design Jakarta and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Maintenance and optimization are simple and easy as, well, so it is definitely the choice you should make.

However, a complicated or advanced website cannot be made in Word Press. It can, but it won’t be very useful. For example, a website like YouTube cannot be created in WP. It won’t work properly or it won’t be practical. If you create one, it may become extremely slow, due to the poor coding of the theme. This has a negative effect on visitors.

Adobe Dreamweaver advantages

Web design Jakarta allows you to choose this platform. It is an advanced web designing platform where you can create any type of a website possible. It is similar to other platforms of this kind, but it is the most popular one. Adding and modifying content on these websites is more complicated, but it is also more reliable.

Web designers will be needed in this case, simply due to the fact coding and programming is complicated and requires expertise. But, at the end, you will get a website that is exactly as you want it to be. It can feature all advantages and all possibilities you want and you can invent additional benefits.

How Anxiety and Worry Affect the Human Brain

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "brain injury"While the emotions of anxiety and worry are present in every person’s life, understanding how the human brain reacts to these emotions can be important to overall general health. People may alter their behaviors because of these feelings, even to the point of obsession. As research has shown, however, anxious behaviors can be the result of physiological changes in a person’s brain.

Chemical Imbalances

According to Dr. Thomas A. Richards of the Social Anxiety Institute, feelings of anxiety and depression can cause or result from chemical imbalances in the brain. In most anxiety cases, a person will alter his or her behavior to avoid certain situations in an effort to gain comfort in his life. The root of this anxiety can stem from an irrational or skewed social belief system, a traumatic psychological event, or physical pain earlier in life. When a person goes through one of these experiences, chemical hormones are secreted in the brain as a response to external stimuli. These hormones will continue to be secreted by the brain in an effort to comfort the body, often to the point of over-secretion. Over a long period of time, the brain can be altered as a result of this over-secretion. In these cases, psychiatric medication many be needed to help regulate the brain’s chemistry and relieve anxiety.

Brain Pathways

In addition to chemical processes being changed within the brain due to a traumatic event, neurological pathways can also be affected. As Dr. Richards explains, all people learn in a similar physiological way: their brain develops neurological connections, or pathways, in order to recall learned information. For example, when a person is learning to ride a bike, trial and error will eventually lead to successful balance while pedaling. As this activity is practiced regularly, the brain will recall how to move the body more easily and fluidly with each additional attempt, forming a “habit”. Learning how and when to feel anxiety is learned in the same way, according to Dr. Richards, since the brain can also form pathways as a result of repeated irrational thoughts.

Fight or Flight Response

Whenever a person is placed in a stressful situation, their brain will immediately begin signaling muscles in the body via electric impulses across the cerebral cortex. This response, known as the “fight or flight” response, then triggers the body to either defend itself or escape th situation. For people who have had significant traumatic events in their lives, this response mechanism can become altered. As the Anxiety Disorder Resource Center website suggests, the electrical signals that are sent across the brain can be triggered by a memory of the traumatic event and cause a physiological response.

In most cases, severe anxiety or depression can be treated with therapy or psychiatric medication. The best brain supplements must be taken with care and supervision of your doctor. Individuals who believe they may have an anxiety disorder would be best served to speak to their doctor for a referral to additional professional help.

Make Sure Search Engine Optimization Follows Guidelines

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "adwords"Almost as important as a business plan, Google search engine optimization continues to be an integral part of a website’s success. For a new website owner who needs a little help with SEO, the first thing he does is search for an SEO company.

Some of these companies promise website owners that their domain can be on the first page of Google for certain keywords. Unfortunately, any SEO company that promises clients the first page in Google is a scammer. No one can guarantee Google organic rank. Here are some common Google search engine optimization scams.

Monthly Payments for Article Content

Google loves content, but be careful who is hired to represent the content for the website. Some SEO companies hire the cheapest content writer, and plagiarism can be an issue. Spun content or poorly written material makes the website look unprofessional.

The best way to generate content for a website is to write it internally or hire a professional writer. Avoid duplicated content, and keep any unique articles on the website domain. Google may not index pages on the domain if it is duplicated on article websites. Read Google search engine optimization guidelines to understand more about the duplicate content filter.

Avoid Keyword Stuffed Content

SEO companies attempt to take control of the content of a website. Misinformed SEO companies tweak content on a web page to include the same keyword phrase over and over on a page. Google can detect keyword stuffed content, and a manual review can mean a penalty or removal from the index. When hosting content on a website, use keywords in title and H1 tags, but avoid using any type of search engine optimization that stuffs the same phrases several times on the page.

Evaluate the SEO Company’s History

One way to determine if the SEO company has the right understanding is to ask the Google webmaster top contributors. This forum is controlled by Google and offers several support people who are recognized as experts in Google optimization. They can help you determine if an SEO company is able to offer the right services for a domain website. Many SEO companies have poor optimization on the company’s website, and a Google Bionic can help detect SEO scam websites.

Backlink Building

Many SEO companies offer link building. What some Google search engine optimization companies don’t realize is that spamming blog comments and forums is a poor way to boost PageRank. While this type of SEO tactic may increase PageRank for a short amount of time, the website company that paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for this type of service finds the links are devalued and the PageRank is dropped. Google promotes building backlinks naturally, and spamming a link is against the guidelines.

Avoid any company that promises a website will be on the first page of Google. Most Google search engine optimization myths can be avoided by providing unique, compelling content focused on readers. Use common sense when using SEO features. Organic rank takes time, so a website owner can see a steady climb in Google as care and consideration is catered to readers and not search engines.

Have Dog Retractable Gates And Prevent Them From Entering Any Area

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "retractable pet gate"Dogs have always been the first choice of any person as a pet; as they are true companions and they never leave you alone. They protect your house and safeguard you and your family from any unauthorized person. By having them your house will become a better place to live in and you will get a friend which will help you in reducing your stress. Along with this, there are many other benefits of having them, but most of the time they create a lot of mess due to which your house looks unpleasant.

So, to overcome all such problem you can go for retractable pet gate. They are the small boundary type gates that stop the pet from accessing the certain parts of house such as kitchen, drawing room or other non-friendly areas. With the help of these gates, you can have look on your pet and see what they are doing. These gates are highly beneficial for small dogs or puppies as they are naughty and can run away. Through this your dog will learn that in which room they should enter and in which they should not.

Different types of retractable gates

Freestanding gates: These gates are highly versatile as they are available in different sizes, structures and shapes. The function of these gates varies from each other, but they are very effective and protect your dog. They come with a number of handy options so that you can easily move the gate from one place to another.

Walk in gates: These gates are designed so as to avoid the problem of tripping down. They are not installed with any wall or wood, you can simply place them in any room. With their walk in feature, you can easily come and go out of the room and most importantly you need not to jump. These gates are installed with adhesive which can be removed whenever needed.

Mark Hurd Gives Oracle a Vision to Make It Leader at OpenWorld

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Since taking over Oracle in 2010, the Mark Hurd keynote speech has been a huge part of the OpenWorld conference. Not only has this given company stockholders, employees, and executives an idea what the direction is that the CEO has for the next year, but it also gives consumers and businesses that work with Oracle a vision of where the company is headed.

This past year Hurd provided a vision that has the tech world buzzing. For years Amazon was the leader in terms of cloud operation and capability for businesses and consumers, primarily because they were the first to join in this vision and quickly made themselves the leader.

Oracle did not follow in this innovation at first, which was prior to when Hurd took over Oracle in 2010. The tech giant lagged behind, and that may have proven to be a blessing in disguise.

The technology has drastically changed since the cloud first began, and Oracle has made it so that they are now the leaders in terms of what can be provided to consumers. This has opened the door for the company to grab a significant share of the market, something the CEO addressed during his keynote address.

Calling the technology of Amazon “old,” Hurd pointed out how Oracle is quickly grabbing a significant market share, even taking 40 percent of the business away from Amazon. That is a significant number which has helped Oracle to increase in overall users by more than 250 percent in the last three years, a truly staggering number.

The OpenWorld conference got another great dose of what Mark Hurd is doing to make Oracle a leader in the industry, and with this new dedication to the cloud community, the future looks even brighter for the tech giant, and much less so for their competitors.

A facial epilator – a mere façade

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"The world is a pretentious place. Everyone carries with themselves a fake image of someone that they are not but aspire or wish or hope to be. Everyone has set standards of what they should be and what their lives should be like and most of us work tirelessly to achieve this image. For those of us who can’t achieve it, we look for things which can help us to create atleast an illusion that we have reached such stage. And we are lucky to have a large variety of things to our aid in achieving this target. Be it facial epilators, plastic surgeries, masks or a simple layer of makeup, we humans have mastered the art of presenting ourselves as someone that we are not.


The reasons behind us opting for such false images to hide under are numerous. The first of these reasons can be our never ending desire to reach a higher certain elevated level in our lives. It is this ambition that forces us to pretend to be someone that we actually are not just to please someone or to appear desirable or suitable for a certain role. The second driver of this trend I believe is the easy availability of things and conditions which make such a pretense easier. We have at our disposal technology, financial resources and the mind to make a projected self image possible.


In my understanding, all cosmetic products have as their underlying a motive to pretend, a clear intention to create a façade and stick to that for as long as it is possible for us to hold on to it so that we can lead a life closer to our version of utopia even if it comes at the expense of our true inner self. And all the outside world does, is to facilitate our journey.

The Services Offered By Web Designers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "graphic design"Website in an important medium through which the customers or clients can access the information about the company, purchase your products, use your service or directly interact with you. A website helps you to reach millions of people market, communities, and clients. So, it is important to keep your website always up to date and attractive so that maximum number of people may get attracted towards your brand or business. You can improve the appearance of your website by working on the designs of the website. There are many web designers who can do the website designing for your business. For more details regarding the web designing you can visit website for your better understanding.

What they can do?

There are numerous tasks that a web designer can do for you. Some of those tasks are mentioned below.

  • Logo designing: The logo is the identity of any business or brand. Every brand will have its own unique logo. So, it is important that your logo must define your brand or the services that you provide to your clients. These web designers can help you with designing the logo of your brand.
  • Web designing: They can design your website from the beginning or they can update the designs and look of your old outdated website. They can help you to design the website that is ideal for PC as well as for the tablet or mobiles.
  • App designing: With the innovation of smart phone, they way to use mobile has also changed. Now days smart phones applications are in trend. These designers can help you to design the application for your brand. Building an app requires a lot of consideration, but a web designer can easily design the app of your brand for both Android as well as for iOS. Anyone can download your app from the Google playstore or from Apple store.

Mark Hurd CEO Of Oracle: Constantly Quoted Outside A Context

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Of all businessmen on the planet, Hurd may be one who is the most commonly quoted outside the context. This happened several times before and every single time, certain websites, tabloids, and people misunderstand the main goal of the sentence. Mark Hurd CEO still has a lot of patience and he tries to solve this misunderstanding as soon as possible. Luckily, he managed to solve all of them till now.

Matrix misunderstanding

A few years go, Hurd announced that using matrix realized how more he can blame other people, other employees. This is actually a misunderstanding that came from The Future of Business: The Essentials book, written by Lawrence Gitman. It came from the period when Mark has been working for HP, where he had to redesign and remake matrix leader’s table. According to him, there were a lot of issues with the leadership, which had a negative effect on the profit and company’s development.

The main step in the redesigning the matrix table of leadership was directed towards giving the more responsibility to the leaders, which was controversial back then. People of this type get used to being almost irresponsible for their tasks and their decision, but this change actually had a completely positive effect. After that, HP started measuring huge growth in the areas of printers, desktop computers, and laptops. We can even say that they are still on the same road thanks to Hurd.

Oracle’s Mark Hurd CEO has been quoted outside a context a couple more times over the years, but all of them proved that they were just simple mistakes. Today, this businessman is known as one of the most common people who had this issue with writers, coworkers and all other people related to the IT industry.

Physical Gold IRA: Why To Invest?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold ira"The Congress wanted to help Americans set up retirement account to be sure they have a pension when they reach the retirement age. It was a wise thing. The IRA (Individual Retirement Account) was created for their benefits. Nowadays, many private companies choose to raid the pension plans and the employees are left to deal with Social Security. They don’t stand a chance there because Social Security can only offer a certain extent to protect you against future expenses. The best way to ensure your future remains to invest in precious metals. You can rollover your IRA account into a gold one because gold does not lose its value over time. explains why should you invest in precious metals rather than stocks or equity.


Physical gold IRA


This is only one way to invest in precious metals and the most direct one. However, you have to learn about the fees there are for buying or selling precious metals. There are tons of websites that sell gold, palladium, platinum or silver coins and bars, but you have to be careful what you choose to buy. You are allowed to have only government made coins. You can find online private mints that sell collector value coins, but no one can guarantee the amount of gold contained.


Tax advantages for ninety nine percent pure gold coins


The taxes on your earnings apply only when you withdraw from the IRA and not when you fund the account. This is great, but you have to be careful what you put in your IRA. The tax advantages apply only to ninety nine percent pure gold coins to prevent abuse and . If you don’t follow this rule you can lose any advantage you have for your gold IRA.