Mark Hurd Gives Oracle a Vision to Make It Leader at OpenWorld

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Since taking over Oracle in 2010, the Mark Hurd keynote speech has been a huge part of the OpenWorld conference. Not only has this given company stockholders, employees, and executives an idea what the direction is that the CEO has for the next year, but it also gives consumers and businesses that work with Oracle a vision of where the company is headed.

This past year Hurd provided a vision that has the tech world buzzing. For years Amazon was the leader in terms of cloud operation and capability for businesses and consumers, primarily because they were the first to join in this vision and quickly made themselves the leader.

Oracle did not follow in this innovation at first, which was prior to when Hurd took over Oracle in 2010. The tech giant lagged behind, and that may have proven to be a blessing in disguise.

The technology has drastically changed since the cloud first began, and Oracle has made it so that they are now the leaders in terms of what can be provided to consumers. This has opened the door for the company to grab a significant share of the market, something the CEO addressed during his keynote address.

Calling the technology of Amazon “old,” Hurd pointed out how Oracle is quickly grabbing a significant market share, even taking 40 percent of the business away from Amazon. That is a significant number which has helped Oracle to increase in overall users by more than 250 percent in the last three years, a truly staggering number.

The OpenWorld conference got another great dose of what Mark Hurd is doing to make Oracle a leader in the industry, and with this new dedication to the cloud community, the future looks even brighter for the tech giant, and much less so for their competitors.

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