Cut Calories with These Easy Diet Tips and Tricks

Simple tweaks to how you eat—not what you eat—can help you beat the battle of the bulge once and for all

Drinks Lots of Water, and then Some More

Besides being nature’s miracle, a regular old glass of water is your first trick to lose weight while you get healthy. Besides having no calories, flushing out old toxins and hydrating your body, water boasts another diet perk: it fills you up. “Water is a great strategy for dieters because it has no calories,” says Madeline Fernstrom of the University of Pittsburgh. “So you can keep your mouth busy without food and get the sense of satisfaction.” Start with a big glass before your meal, and you’ll consume way less food. You can always get the 3 week diet program for more information. And if water bores you to death, a slice of lemon adds a zesty twist you can’t resist.

Just Eat

Eat like Mireille Guiliano, bestselling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat: that is, light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and actually eat. Don’t watch The Office, don’t gorge your bagel in car, and don’t browse the want ads. “Eat only at the table, only sitting down,” the ever-slender Guiliano says. “Eat slowly, chew properly… smelling and savoring every bite.” Sounds delicious already, n’est pas?

Change Your Utensils

Too easy? Yep, but it works. Use a salad plate instead of a monstrous dinner plate; studies show you’ll dish out smaller portions without your brain knowing the difference. Same logic applies for tall, skinny glasses instead of thick pint glasses (and dilute juices with water whenever you can). And of course, the ultimate utensil switch: use chopsticks. They’ll slow you down and force you to actually enjoy your meal.

Chew Gum, or Brush your Teeth

Craving a big glass of orange juice right after you brush your teeth? Didn’t think so. Clean teeth and fresh breath help you fight junk food cravings while making friends at the office. Gum has double perks: chewing it burns off 11 calories per hour. Not the same as hitting the treadmill, but factor in your decreased your snacking and you’ve got a convenient little trick that fits right into your pocket.

Small Substitutions Make Big Differences

Minor changes in your fridge or lifestyle can make big differences on your waistline. For example, cream soups to water-based ones saves you hundreds of calories a pop. Likewise from Caesar dressings to vinigrettes. Choose white meat rather than dark; dark bread rather than white. Switch from table butter to cholesterol-free butter. And switch the way you prepare foods: bake rather than fry, boil your veggies instead of sautéing them. Or better yet, eat them raw. Diets don’t get any easier than that.

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