An 18th Century Wine In The 21st Century World

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "wine"Ice wine is a rather obscure type of wine that has what some may consider a strange preparation method. Unlike other wines, this one is made from frozen grapes that are processed in order to extract their extremely sweet syrup. Also, as one would expect from a process that involves frozen fruit, the fermentation process of the grapes usually takes 6 months.

While the manufacturing process is not extremely difficult, ice wine is a lot harder to find that other types, due to the fact that it can only be made in countries that have a cold climate, and only under certain conditions.

It is also important to know that this type of alcoholic beverage can only age for about 10 years. Anything above this limit will probably be a bad deal.

Ice and shine make the best tasting wine. Being a very sweet wine, it is best paired with desserts. Furthermore, it should be served with something that has a bit of fat in it. This way, the food will balance the flavor of the wine. Do not try to put in on the table while still eating the main courses of a meal as you run the risk of ruining both the food and the wine.

In terms of pricing, it is safe to say that this is not a budget beverage. Bottles usually jump above 30 dollars, on top of which you may have the pay for an international delivery. Most ice wines are sold by Austria and Germany. Also, the cost is almost double than that of a normal wine due to the fact that it takes almost two times the normal amount of fruit.

This having been said, there is nothing that can compare with the flavor of the liquid that’s been extracted from completely frozen grapes.

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