A facial epilator – a mere façade

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"The world is a pretentious place. Everyone carries with themselves a fake image of someone that they are not but aspire or wish or hope to be. Everyone has set standards of what they should be and what their lives should be like and most of us work tirelessly to achieve this image. For those of us who can’t achieve it, we look for things which can help us to create atleast an illusion that we have reached such stage. And we are lucky to have a large variety of things to our aid in achieving this target. Be it facial epilators, plastic surgeries, masks or a simple layer of makeup, we humans have mastered the art of presenting ourselves as someone that we are not.


The reasons behind us opting for such false images to hide under are numerous. The first of these reasons can be our never ending desire to reach a higher certain elevated level in our lives. It is this ambition that forces us to pretend to be someone that we actually are not just to please someone or to appear desirable or suitable for a certain role. The second driver of this trend I believe is the easy availability of things and conditions which make such a pretense easier. We have at our disposal technology, financial resources and the mind to make a projected self image possible.


In my understanding, all cosmetic products have as their underlying a motive to pretend, a clear intention to create a façade and stick to that for as long as it is possible for us to hold on to it so that we can lead a life closer to our version of utopia even if it comes at the expense of our true inner self. And all the outside world does, is to facilitate our journey.

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